Evolution of technology

Technology and science collaborated with such a beauty that they created wonders. One of those wonders is Technology. Now you have a chip size computer in your own pocket. And internet made it easier to do more wonders with it.
Internet made it really easy to entertain yourself without going anywhere. You can do shopping by sitting in your couch. You can travel around the world by just using such apps. And you can see your favorite movies without going cinema.
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Tamil Industry with new advancements

People want some of entertainment when they come home after a hectic day. Every region has their priorities, issues, preferences and famous things. If Brazilians love football it doesn’t mean that a Punjabi also loves to watch it. If its time of super heroes in Hollywood it doesn’t really mean that a kid from Iran also love to watch this kind of movies. It makes it crystal clear that as ever region has its own language and wish to watch list. Many small regions of world used this social and mass media to attract foreigners and make their economy and tourism better.
If we talk about India especially south India then we can clearly feel that here people are really trying hard to make their place in front row with their movies, technology and now with tamil rockers.
If you live in India then you must have heard about it. One of most emerging websites of India is undoubtedly Tamil rockers. But what this website is about?
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It is you can find
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